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Thanks for stopping by. We’re glad you are here. If you haven’t been to Todd before, let us tell you a little bit about it.

Todd is located in the High Country of North Carolina near Boone and West Jefferson and is a community situated in a bend of the South Fork of the New River, just a few miles from the headwaters. Todd was settled in the 19th century as a small crossroads community. Mining and timber interests drove the economy but most were mountain farmers. The community was put on the map in the early 20th century when the Virginia-Carolina Railway announced it would lay tracks to Todd. The railroad’s interest was in tapping the millions of board feet of hardwood timber on the surrounding hillsides. The result was a big boom for the little village. Todd was incorporated as a real town with a mayor and board of alderman. A land auction flier of the time period dubbed Todd the Queen City of the Mountains.

The boom lasted less than a generation and soon Todd was the sleepy crossroads it had been during the previous century. It’s almost as if time stopped in Todd  — and in fact that’s part of why we think it is so unique. You can walk around downtown and many of buildings standing are virtually as they were nearly a century ago. Sure, there’s pavement on the streets and electricity, but if you let your imagination wander briefly, you’ll be hearing the clop clop of horses coming down the valley or the lonesome whistle of the train as it nears Elkland Station.

We invite you to come visit us when you can. Summer is our busy commercial season and you’ll find lots to do, from shopping and eating at the Mercantile and General Store to tubing and kayaking down the river with the outfitters in the area. And check out our community events on this site to plan an evening of free music in the park.

Thanks again for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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